About Me (New Version) VERY LONG by hilabental
Full Name?: lily (mind ya buinsess)
Who picked your name?: my mother...
Birthdate?: secret... but im a velentines day bb !
Birthplace?: earth 👽
Current city?: newcastle!!
What grade are you in?: school...
Siblings?: 4 (ugh)
Hair color?: dirty blonde !
Eye color?: blue :-|
do you tan or burn?: burn.. grr
favorite feature?: umm probs my face !
had/have braces?: nevr
do you have long/short hair?: long ^-^
long/short nails?: vry short i bite em
height?: 5'2
shoe size?: 5 !
go to perfume/body spray?: love spell, victoria secret
favorite color?: pink duh ^_^
favorite food?: mcdonalds n bday cake!
favorite song currently?: a marvelous persona (nicole dollanganger)
favorite time of day?: afternoon
favorite season?: winter !
do you have any piercings?: nu uh
do you want more? where?: im not sure yet!
do you have any tattoos?: nopee
do you want any more?: mhmm!
least favorite food?: umm tomatos n mushrooms n onion
favorite beverage?: apple juice
do you smoke?: nope!!
drink regularly (once a week or more): i h8 alcohol
used drugs?: nu uh
drink coffee?: no its gross
vegetarian\vegan?: veggie!
sexual orientation?: unsure *-*
if you had to change your hair color, what would you change it to?: pink or platinum blonde
know any other languages (except English)?: polish, russian, french, arabic
want to learn more? which?: japanese + korean , n become fluent in all of those
best subject at school?: lunchtime!
least favorite?: all ...
heritage?: umm no idea!
do you work?: noo
how long an you run for?: like 1hr
allergies?: not sure ?
do you collect anything?: stickrz, glitter n cute toys :3
what is your bedtime?: 11pm
do you play any sports?: not rly
what social networks are you on?: tumblr, tiktok n insta
play any instruments?: piano
want to learn more?: not rlly
strawberries/bananas?: strawbs :3
spring/fall?: springggg
single/dating?: single T_T
concealer/foundation?: concealer
big/small boobs?: smol..
math/english?: english!
road trip/plane travel?: both!!
sun/moon?: sun hurts my eyes.. moon
hoodies/jackets?: hoody !
wedding/no wedding?: wedding !!
country/r&b?: none !
science/histroy?: history
highlighters/sharpies?: sharpiez
musicals/plays?: musicals
cake/cookies?: cake!!
clubs/house parties?: i h8 both
Beach Boys/The Beatles?: beach boys
pens/pencils?: umm pens !
heels/flats?: flats
republican/democrat?: dem^^
purse/tote?: tote <3
red/pink?: PINK
dreams/daydreams?: i luv both ,, !
nose/lip piercing?: lip <3
bus/train?: train ! so fun!
Ice cream/sorbet?: ice cream yum
color/black tattoos?: colour but black is nice
TV shows/movies?: tv !
gum/mints?: mints ^_^
straight/curly hair?: straight
white/milk chocolate?: milk
Mac/Sephora?: mac
frozen yogurt/smoothie?: smoothie!
burger/steak?: steak mm
uggs/other boots?: uggs
shaving/waxing?: shaving !
fish/rabbit as a pet?: rabbit
december/july?: december
necklaces/braceletts?: both!
tall/short?: short
beach/pool?: beach ^-^
toned/thin?: thin
volleyball/soccer?: volleyball
horror/romantic movies?: romance `(*>﹏<*)′
suntanning/fake tanning?: none they r bad 4 u
reading/writing?: both ^_~
rollercoasters/ferris wheels?: ROLLERCOASTERS!!!
guitar/piano?: piano ^.^
big/small sunglasses?: bIG
adopted/bought dog?: adopted!!!!
eye makeup/lip makeup?: eye ^-^
beer/coca cola?: both r gross
xbox/playstation?: playstation
studs/hoop earings?: hoopz
laptop/desk top?: laptop!
europe/america?: europe
pop/rock?: pop
sweats/jeans?: sweats :-)
backpack/tote?: backpack
sorority/no sorority?: no thanku
macaroons/ice cream?: ice cream
flowers/chocolates?: chocolates!
body lotions/body butters?: body lotions
dubstep/pop?: pop ^^
department stores/thrift shops?: thrift !
north/south?: north
french/spanish?: francais
drawing/painting?: drawinggg
books/magazines?: magazines !
cap/wide rimmed hat?: neither i h8 hats
singing/dancing?: dance !
west/east coast? (USA): ...
skiing/surfing?: skiing
christmas/halloween?: CHRISTMAS
OPI/Essie? (Nail Polish brands): essie :$
body mist/perfume?: perfumeee
cocktail/mocktail?: mocktail !
iphone/android?: iphone
rain/snow?: snow!
hats/scarves?: hats
Valentines day/easter?: easter!
public/home school?: public,,.
friends/lovers?: luvrs
city/suburbs?: city
asia/oceana?: asia
blondes/brunettes?: blondess
black and white/color photography?: colour
flannel/silk PJs?: silk pjs
summer/spring break?: summer break ! (✿◡‿◡)
day showers/ night showers?: night zzz
snorkeling/deep sea diving?: snorkeling ya
american idol/x factor?: american idol
sparkling/still water?: still
lindt/godiva chocolate?: lindt baby
tumblr/instagram?: tumblr !
Miami/LA?: miami
soup/salad?: salad
community college/university?: uni ^^
bikini/one piece cuz am shy?: one piece
baths/showers?: baths
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