my diary !! ^_^

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🦄🎀jojifuku is actually a rlly cute style :3 🍧💗🌸 tho i dnt like how its all l0licon n pedo stuff..,,, its just cute clothes !!! 🍬 ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ) but i'd luv 2 buy sum jojifuku stuff !!! ^__^
anyway i revamped dis page cos i hated it AGAIN >:(( !! but oh well. n also it was 2 sad 4 me. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.


hi !! it's nearly christmas and im sooooooooooo fuckin excited,, christmas is by far the best holiday!! seein the christmas ads on TV and the music on the radio fills my heart with joy, oh how lovely it is. i wonder what i'll get for christmas, i have a wishlist- here it is: peep the dollskill wishlist... i know they're problematic BUT i just luv their stuff way too much, it's a weakness. but i have a lot of childish/cute stuff on there, because in all honesty my mental age is still one of a kid's in a way. it's cus of my AUTISM! not a big deal tho,, i just like kid stuff and it's not harming anyone. but the shoes i wanted are here:
LOOK AT THE CUTIES! now they're £101 which is very expensive (for a working class girl), but i hope i get them!

life seems ok at the moment- except for the creepy stalker guy. he's switched from being obsessed w me and loving me (or so he claims, he does this to like 10 girls at a time, ew.) to absolutely hating my guts. he reblogs my text posts on tumblr and makes up preposterus and slanderous lies about me. he said i was a russian grooming gang, jesus christ what the fuck? also called me a "lying trollop" which sounded so old fashioned i couldn't help but laugh. oh well. hopefully he gets bored before i actually have to do anything more than add him to my DNI. i know, a DNI 🤢🤢! but this is important- he's stalking me.

on to other topics! tumor/strawbabie/dreamie/etc (she goes by many different names) has deleted her site. in all honesty, as a friend, i knew i was supposed to be gutted by it, but i wasn't/ i'm not. read the lolcow thread, she seems like a shitty person. dreamie was also caught up in some sims tumblr drama which i don't care about in the slightest- but was still interesting to read nonetheless. i've recently tried to distance myself from her, because she gave me a strange feeling and i didn't like how i was disliked because i was her friend/ mutual. fuck, i was even mentioned on the OldWeb lolcow thread- if that's what being someone's friend brings you, then i don't want it. DokoDemo is back now too, i guess when someone who ran you off the platform deletes their site, it's safe to come back. i feel like a cunt for defending dreamie, but i was manipulated (and so was all of her other orbiters) by her to think she was the one being stalked, harrased, and bullied; it was her all along. one more thing before i go to bed. i never understood how her way of thinking was to simply resort to telling people to violently kill themselves when an issue arose, especially when it could easily be resolved in private. am i a hypocrite for saying this stuff? i'm definitly not a good person, and have probably done worse than her (haven't faked my race or stuff like that though...)

i think this is actually the longest entry i've wrote in my diary, and it's not even that long. that says a lot! i guess i'm just in the ~vibe~ right now. but anyway, goodnight diary.


helloooooooo :)) to be honest i dont rlly have much to say right now, but i wanted 2 write an entry anyway.
i've been thinking about places i'd like to live so here's a list of possibilities!!
  • whitby!! it's actually sooo pretty and i luvv the beach and the pier, everything about is is just so nice!! one thing tho is that it's a very touristy town so there will be lots of tourists there and house prices are EXPENSIVE !! but it's really sweet and lovely there, i went on a boat trip and i saw dolphins and a seal!! i didn't even know there were dolphins in the north of england to be honest, but good to see ! 🐬

  • 16/11/22

    me fighting the urge to :D (*'-'*) :p ^_^ \(^O^)/ ☆*・゜゚・ <33 ♡ !!!! ♥ every time i type