carrd/ twitter culture(?)

disclaimer: someone on said "i complain about carrd users but im actually one of the retards who came from there" and i just wanted to say, its not true. i dont know why i'm so het-up about someone on lolcow saying something that isn't true..i just like to complain. i may be "annoying trash" but at least im not a hypocrite! :)...
also it's my first article so bear with me!

what is "carrd"?

carrd is a service which allows anyone (unfortunately?) to create their very own webpage, in a very simple and easy way- without having to learn HTML/CSS and simply just dragging and dropping elements onto your page. Now, there's nothing wrong with this at all, in fact I think it's great that web novices can make a webpage; it furthers the idea of the "personal web" rather than Web3 and corporate web. contrary to the last point, i think it was intended for businesses as well; those with an intent to sell a product (mr smart suit business man).
however, like a lot of things made for adults, it was taken over by 13/14 year olds on twitter.